Call for applications

More mission,
less process.

An end-to-end solution for your call for applications.

  • Create and launch Call for Applications in a few minutes.
  • Built a seamless experience, and collect more applications.
  • Store your applicants' data in a safe environment. Reduce the risk of data exposure or human error when handling it.
  • Organize, transform and label your data on a single platform. 
  • Improve the communication with your applicants with automated email sends.
  • Generate reports or export the data as you wish.
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1. Set up online applications portal

Provide applicants with key information about the program, the workflow, and the application timelines.
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2. Create dynamic forms

Capture the information you need, choosing from over 20 question types, add skip logic, accept file uploads, and more.
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3. Boost collaborative Review

Make it easy for your team to work together on applications and proposals, in real-time, from any device.
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4. Manage post-award activity

Create post-award stages that include forms, documentation uploads, and evaluations. Automate reminders to help applicants keep up to date with everything they need to do.
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What is included?

Technology to launch and manage your programs, with unlimited participants and unlimited managers. See all features.

Do you also offer a service to set up and manage the entire program?

We help you set up the program, but we do not manage programs.
We prefer to focus on building and improving the best technology possible.
Nevertheless, we can connect you with our exclusive partners who are specialized and very experienced in managing these programs globally.

How much does it cost?

A customizable live program with multiple phases starts at €1.200 per month. Learn more.

Can I import data from and to my existing tools?

Yes, we allow you to export all data and we are currently working on our API to allow different integrations.

I work and manage call for investments for several clients. Can I partner with you to use your technology?

Absolutely!  Our technology can help you save time, money while scaling what really matters: your ability to support your clients impact programs. Contact us for more information.
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